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      Poetry is the food of love. Shakespeare said something like that once.
      I don't believe him. There are other things that love thrives on, but they don't relate to poetry in any way, and I won't mention them on an educational website.
      However, poetry is the gruel an artist can live on. It is the thinnist of all art forms, neither beautiful to the eye, nor harmonious to the ear. It is often considered the lowest of art forms, due to it's lack of aesthetic form.
      Since it is often considered the lowest of art forms, it is also the easiest to attempt. If it sucks, no one will notice.
      Just remember, poetry, like any other art form, comes from the heart. It may not be as pretty as a watercolor, or as appealing as a piece of music, but it will be yours.
      Just remember, with poetry, nobody really cares too much about things like meter and rhyme scheme anymore. Sonnet form went out of style a few hundred years ago. Now, modern poetry, like modern art, does not need to be good.
      Just splash words around, and it will get published.

      Here are some examples of my poetry.
Dreams are Real

      Notice the monkeys. I had a friend who, at the time, was obsessed with monkeys. Somehow, that came out of my his head and onto my paper. Funny thing about poetry.
      It really doesn't matter what your poetry is about. Love, hate, or even monkeys, if your poem catches someone's attention, they will read it.
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